The workshops:

ENSIMISMADOS 2019 is the second edition of an international contemporary dance workshop under Jimmy Ortiz and Grei QuezAc’s lead that will bring performing artists from all over the world to Costa Rica from September 2-27, 2019, in order to experience a hard training and movement research process with guest  dance teachers.

ENSIMISMADOS 2018 focuses on contemporary dancers; nevertheless, we encourage participation of people from any performing arts like theater, circus, and performance art that can get advantage of the various movement tools for their own field; and at the same time the diversity of performing artist population will be enriched.

Registration for 2019 edition will be opened up to agust 2019 or until there are no spots left.




septiembre 2-27, 2019

Centro de Artes Promenade. Zapote, San José. Costa Rica.



David Zambrano

Akram Khan

Cost:  USD

The participation fee for ENSIMISMADOS 2019 varies depending on the workshop you want to be part of:

David Zambrano:


NON-INCLUDED SERVICES (additional fee):    • MASSAGES    • Physical therapy


Akram khan

NON-INCLUDED SERVICES (additional fee):    • MASSAGES    • Physical therapy


  1. You must be responsible for any international transaction fee from your bank, and also the international transaction fee of the Costa Rica Bank (Approximately USD17).

PAYMENT METHODS:     • Deposit     • Transfer     • PayPal