Jimmy Ortiz-Chinchilla

Costa Rican choreographer, actor, dancer, director, psychologist, dance and theater professor, PhD in Social and Cultural Studies in Universidad de Costa Rica. He is remarkably known for his innovative and edgy dance pieces for regular stages, but also for public spaces interventions. Moreover, he is one of the major movement influences in Central America, contributing to a new contemporary dance aesthetics, language and pedagogy.

In 1988 Ortiz founds his prestigious dance company “Losdenmedium”. Along with his company, he has created more than 30 dance pieces that have been performed in different theaters and art festivals all over Latin-America, Europe and The United States.

He is been awarded “Premio Nacional” (National award) eight times in various fields like best choreography and best actor. He also won “The Ancora Award” to the best new dance company, and the “National Theater Award” in 1997 among many others.

In 2003, Ortiz becomes the director of Taller Nacional de Danza (National Workshop of Dance) for the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture. During this period, he developed a pedagogic and artistic strategy to teach contemporary dance by three major pedagogic concepts: Playfulness, Fiction and Surprise. Concepts that he has effectively applied to teaching thousands of  professional dancers around the globe.

Consequently, this was the foundation for his dance Conservatory “El Barco”; a unique dance school with an interdisciplinary vision (the first one of his kind in Central-America). With Ortiz as his headmaster, El Barco dance conservatory became an outstanding artistic formation center for dancer/interpreter/creators in Latin-America. And it has changed, released and developed innovative strategies to dance, to educate, to create and to interchange knowledge regarding movement arts.

In 2010 Ortiz organized an international dance workshop named 50 Days of Flying Low and Passing Through Costa Rica 2010. which lead him to finally create the dance platform ENSIMISMADOS in 2017 focused on creation, formation, production and research of movement.