Grei quezac

Costa Rican choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and producer. He graduated as dancer/performer/creator from El Barco Dance Conservatory in Costa Rica; and he also got a BFA from Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) in education. Grei has developed a personal artistic proposal which is reflected in his work showing a particular search on choreographic dance, energy and movement.

He has worked along side Jimmy Ortiz since 2013 when he graduated El Barco conservatory and became Ortiz ´s choreographic assistant. This drove him to become an active part of many of his creative processes and to play various roles in many of Ortiz´s dance pieces.

However, Grei´s personal work show not only a clear concern for the aesthetics, but also a major search for self-understanding and human communication. His pieces show a lot of high energy, fast movement and goofy characters that display his inner world.

As a dance teacher, he has been invited to different professional dance workshops by prestigious international institutions like Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Ohio State University (OSU), Pontifícia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP), Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC), Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA), Universidad Veracruzana (UV), among others.

Currently, he is the executive producer of International Dance Platform ENSIMISMADOS in San Jose, Costa Rica which is now preparing its third edition for September 2019.