Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is ENSIMISMADOS 2019?

ENSIMISMADOS 2019 will hold different workshops with different dates; however, all of them will be held within the September 2-22 timeframe

  • During the weekdays:

David Zambrano: September 2-20, 2019

Diego Álvarez: September 2-13, 2019

Akram Khan Cia: September 9-13, 2019

  • During the weekends

Voguing: September 7-8, 2019

Clown: September 7-8, 2019

Theater improvisation: September 21-22, 2019

Acrobatic Movement: September 21-22, 2019

***Register each workshop individually

2. Where is ENSIMISMADOS 2019?


All the workshops and activities of ENSIMISMADOS 2019 will be developed in Centro de Artes Promenade, San Jose, Costa Rica

3. How much is ENSIMISMADOS 2019, and what does that fee include?

ENSIMISMADOS 2019 has different participation fees for each individual workshop and depending how early you register for the workshop. You can select workshop or workshops that best fit your personal interest. There is no fee that includes all the workshops together.

  • David Zambrano : Flying Low. Sept 2-20, 2019. Mon-Fri 9:00 to 15:00 ( with a 2 hour lunch)

Participation fee

USD950 before August, 2019

USD1000 in August



-Official Participation Certificate


  1. In order to participate in this workshop you must attend since week 1.

  2. Only people who complete the 3 weeks of workshop get the participation certificate.

  3. Ask for the No-Accommodation fee

  • Akram Khan : Repertoire. Sept 9-13, 2019. Mon-Fri 18:00-21:00

Participation fee

USD500 before August, 2019

USD550 in August


-Workshop participation

- Showing performance at “Teatro de la danza” on September 13-14-15

  • Diego Álvarez : Choreographic process. Sept 2-13. Mon-Fri 15:00-18:00

NO PARTICIPATION FEE. However, in order to be part of this creation process you need to attend the audition. The audition has a fee of CRC6000 (USD10)

Audition date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019. Teatro de la danza. 09:00 AM

Only 5 dancer will be selected for this choreographic process. They will perform on Teatro de la Danza on September 13-14-15. They will be paid.

Cheje Workshops do not alter their participation fee. They are 2 day workshops on weekends.

  • Clown USD20

  • Voguing USD20

  • Theater improvisation USD20

  • Acrobatic Movement USD20

4. How do I pay for ENSIMISMADOS 2019?

There are 3 ways of payment available

  • Transfer

  • Deposit

  • PayPal

5.Can I pay in cash when I get to Costa Rica?

Absolutely not. In order to save you spot in ENSIMISMADOS 2019 you must make at least a USD200 deposit. However, the full amount for the workshop must be fully paid prior September 2019 in order to participate.


6. Can I make installment payments?

Yes. You can make up to 3 installment payments in order to get to the full amount of the workshop you want to attend. Just contact to start. However, the full amount for the workshop must be fully paid prior September 2019 in order to participate.




The rest of the workshop fees do not include accommodation.

8.How can I find accommodation close to Centro de Artes Promenade?

We list some hostels here, all of them are kitchen-equipped and breakfast included. We also added the estimated walking distance to promenade.

Upe hostel ( 25min )

In the wind host and guest house ( 5min )

Hotel Casa Blanca 506 ( 5min )

Casa Yoses hostel (15 min )

Hotel Costa Rica Backpackers ( 25 min )

*We also suggest airbnb which has many more options

9. What about transportation? How do i get to Centro de Artes Promenade?

From Juan Santamaría Airport:

  • By Uber: We highly suggest Uber because it is a lot safer and cheaper than a taxi. You will get internet access at the airport, just look for “centro de artes promenade” in the app and confirm with the driver that you are going to “zapote, in San Jose”.

  • By public transportation:

    From the arrival exit, just cross the street and go around the airport, so that you end up in the front part of the airport. You will see a bus stop. Get on the one the says SAN JOSE (In doubt, you can check with the driver). This bus ticket is around CRC600 (USD1.5) and you pay directly to the driver. The ride is around 30min depending on traffic.

    Once in San Jose get to Central Ave and go all the way east up to calle 5, then turn right and get to the corner of Ave 2 and calle 5. Once here, you will find “Paradas de zapote”(or Zapote Bus stop) in that corner. This bus is about CRC300 (USD0.5) There are two type of buses at these bus stop 1. “Zapote por corte” and 2. “Zapote por pista”. Make sure your ride the one that says “Zapote por corte”

10. How to register for ENSIMISMADOS 2019?

  1. Fill out the registration form online ( On the "Register" button).

  2. Get confirmation email.

  3. Proceed to pay the workshop fee.


11. How do I get a letter of invitation from ENSIMISMADOS 2019?

If you need a letter of invitation, please request it by email. Just send an email to

*** just add the applicant's full name, identification number, the reason of the letter, and any other piece of information you might consider necessary for the purpose of your letter.

12. Do I need a visa to enter Costa Rica?

You can check that on

  1. Click on the word nationality that is hyperlinked in the first paragraph

  2. And then look for your country

 13. What else can i do in Costa Rica?

We invite you to visit the Costa Rica section we set up for you with several activities to enjoy while you are visiting our country.

Send any additional question or inquiry to