About us



ENSIMISMADOS is the Spanish word for self-absorbed which has a sense of introspection, reflection and self; hence, it suits perfectly for the name of an international dance platform that promotes contemporary dancers to experience, explore and question the various trends that constantly come up in our artistic field, and how they traverse their bodies. We aim this artistic encounter towards information exchange, creation processes and investigation challenges that parallely affect the artistic production and diffusion of dance as an art in the Latin-American region and the rest of the world . ENSIMISMADOS encourages the exchange of movement, culture and experiences about performing arts.

This international dance workshop, lead and developed by Jimmy Ortiz and Grei QuezAc, gathers performing artists from all over the world in Costa Rica, in order to engage in a process of researching, sharing and questioning movement.

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The Team


Jimmy Ortiz

Artistic and General Director / General Producer

Actor, Dancer, director, choreographer, dance teacher 


Grei QuezAc

Director of Communications / Executive Producer

Dancer, choreographer, producer.