About us



ENSIMISMADOS is an international dance platform that provides room for different aspects of the dance field, interfering with academic formation, creation, investigation, production and diffusion of dance as an art in the Central-American region. ENSIMISMADOS encourages the exchange of movement, culture and experiences about performing arts.

ENSIMISMADOS is the international dance workshop, lead and developed by Jimmy Ortiz and Grei QuezAc, which gathers performing artists from all over the world in Costa Rica in order to discover, research and share movement.


" To me, ENSIMISMADOS was a great experience and it completely fulfilled my expectations. Meeting and taking class with such international guest teachers broadened up the way I see dance and it encouraged me carry on several projects that I started visualizing during the workshop weeks. The class level, the demanding teachers and the shared knowledge were more than satisfactory."

— Andrea, Peru


The Team


Jimmy Ortiz

Artistic and General Director / General Producer

Actor, Dancer, director, choreographer, dance teacher



Grei QuezAc

Director of Communications / Executive Producer

Dancer, choreographer, producer.